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Discover the FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiB series

Depending on the clamp unit size and the clamping force you require, choose from one of FANUC’s a-SiB series models to accomplish extremely stable moulding. Delivering utmost precision and maximum reliability, every model in FANUC’s range of six AI Electric Injection Moulding machines has been designed to improve your productivity and cut your production costs.

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FANUC ROBOSHOT takes state-of-the-art CNC precision technology from turning and milling and applies it to electric injection moulding. The results are greater acceleration, ultimate precision of movement and extremely short cycle times to produce large quantities of consistently high-quality parts.

Why choose ROBOSHOT?

With the release of the FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiB series of injection moulding machines, FANUC is building on its already strong market position in the European plastics industry. Numerous enhancements to the machine’s control, software and performance provide customers with countless advantages while maintaining the FANUC ethos of high performance, high sustainability and ease-of-use through its all-electric design.

Which models of ROBOSHOT?

The α-SiB series is initially available in 50, 100, 130, 150 and 220-tonne models, with various injection capacities. Higher and smaller tonnages models (15,30, 250, 300 and 450 tonne) are set to follow. Already available for order intake, FANUC intends to give the ROBOSHOT α-SiB its European premiere at the forthcoming EMO (Italy) and FAKUMA (Germany) exhibitions, assuming they proceed as scheduled in October 2021.

Enhanced control and software functionality

  • Large, high-resolution display

    Central to the enhancements in the FANUC ROBOSHOT α-SiB is the new high-performance FANUC PANEL iH Pro user interface, which features a large 21.5” display with full HD resolution, thus improving on the previously available resolution by a factor of 2.6.

  • Expanded AI functionality

    Now added to the standard ROBOSHOT software package are functions that include auto-shutdown sequence, pre-suck back function, automatic start-up parameter change, operator management function (option with RFID access) and resin character evaluation (when LINKi2 is installed).

  • Faster injection rates

    In support of the faster response times provided by the PANEL iH Pro HMI, notable machine performance enhancements include increased injection rates of up to 350 mm/s, helping customers to boost productivity. Among further performance-related improvements are higher standard injection pressures, expanded screw diameter availability and the potential for up to four-axis servo-core control.

  • Lifetime machine support

    Thanks to a comprehensive Europe-wide network of service centres, FANUC can offer lifetime support for its machines, providing complete peace-of-mind for customers in the rare event of an issue.

  • Great Reliability

    More than 35 years of experience and passion for highest precision results in high reliability. FANUC is very proud to produce high quality products that will work perfectly for a long time, supporting the customers to work effectively and to increase their productivity.

For which companies is a ROBOSHOT suitable?

The ideal choice for your industry no matter what size

Medical industry

Automotive industry

Electrical industry

Optical industry

Packaging industry

LSR moulding

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