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Agenda & LIVE Streams

FAKUMA Live Impressions


Get full insight into our FAKUMA booth and experience our applications on site.

5 min

Ultra-precise injection moulding of electrical part from ABS

Find out more about the new α-SiB series injection-moulding machine from FANUC. The machine offers ultra-precision, repeatability, reliability and the high-performance FANUC PANEL iH Pro user interface for a stable, fully CNC-controlled process.

5 min

Discover the LSR technology with FANUC

Discover FANUC’s new LSR Technology application for use with the ROBOSHOT α-SiB injection-moulding machine. Users enjoy ultimate process control, excellent repeatability and very low maintenance. Furthermore, FANUC iRVision and robot technology ensure high-quality inspection and adaptive process control.

5 min

Fully automated 2K injection moulding

Begin a new chapter in injection-moulding with FANUC 2K technologies. Benefit from easy integration of the two injection units, with support from full FANUC CNC for the production of complex parts in short lead times!

5 min

Wire-cutting of Metal injection moulding (MIM) parts

Watch the FANUC ROBOCUT wire EDM machine producing moulds for the MIM (metal injection moulding) of medical parts. High accuracy and fast cycle times make ROBOCUT the ideal solution for your factory.

5 min

Production management solution with ROBOSHOT-LINKi2

Discover more about remote production monitoring with ROBOSHOT-LINKi2.

5 min

Easy automation with FANUC

Find out how your production can reach new levels with FANUC automation solutions.

5 min

Customer voices

Impressions on using FANUC ROBOSHOT

Improved production and low maintenance costs | Flaro Prod S.A

“Some of the remarkable benefits we get from using FANUC ROBOSHOT include lower energy consumption (50% less than hydraulic machines), and lower costs for both maintenance and spare parts. Having reliable machines leads to no breakdown costs and no costs for replacement components. We are also very satisfied with FANUC’s technical support.”

Production stability and a future-proof technology | Deplast

“A major advantage of FANUC is that it has been manufacturing electric machines and servo motors since the 1970s. The company has accumulated great experience in these technologies. And what makes FANUC’s attitude extremely pleasing is the fact that they are always here to help us, whatever the issue.”

Flexible and efficient manufacturing | VL Robotix

“The AI Precise Dosing function recognises a change in closing behaviour as well as any wear of the mechanical non-return valve by measuring the return flow, comparing the dosing volume with the set-point and adjusting the switchover point for each individual shot. This ensures that the cavities always fill evenly. The advantage for the manufacturer is obvious: more consistent component weight and more stable processes.”

High quality and efficiency | TESY

“We chose FANUC mostly because of its unique machine technology, which has no comparison among the rest of the world’s manufacturers in this class of machine. Very important in our final purchase decision was the fact that we were given the opportunity to test the machines with our own material and staff, which convinced us of the excellent qualities, functionality and efficiency of the machines.”

High reliability, good repeatability and high accuracy | Pepperl+Fuchs

“We want injection-moulding machines to offer high reliability, good repeatability and high accuracy, with low costs for maintenance and operations. In 2008, based on statistics and official data, our management team decided to buy FANUC machines. After acquiring our first two machines and seeing their high performance levels, we decided to buy more FANUC machines. We are very satisfied with them.”

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly | Poloplast

“Our decision to choose FANUC as a partner was made in 2005, with a view to saving energy and being more environmentally friendly. Poloplast has 35 production lines and, as early as 2010, we had already started to introduce our first biodegradable product lines. This type of material is currently in high demand and we have 60 biodegradable product lines to date. Thanks to the versatility of FANUC injection-moulding machines we didn’t need to alter anything on the production lines. We managed to completely change the lines over quickly and easily.”

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